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Reach clients before funeral homes get to them – while they are pre-planning for their own end of life services.

By joining End Plans, you can get in front of your ideal prospects; the person who is actively researching and planning for their own end of life or the end of life of a loved one.

We’ve got a unique site that attracts and helps people by teaching them how to best prepare for their end of life.

How Does End Plans Work?

You will be reaching prospective customers and clients while they are learning about end of life planning and have a clear mindset. Typically, after a loss has occurred, the funeral homes take a customer through the entire process of planning a funeral and the customer is grateful for the help.

Often, however, customers do not realize that Monument companies provide an invaluable service by offering substantial savings over funeral home prices.

By knowing ahead of time what to expect with regard to service and product offerings and having a better understanding of costs involved, a customer is able to make a more informed and rational decision.

They are also able to save a great deal of money by ‘cutting out the middleman’ and dealing directly with you, the Monument company.


Take it up to another level and place your Monument company on our featured Vendors Monument Page of our End Plans website under your particular state.

You’re receiving a Text-based sponsorship on our site featuring your Monument Company Name, Address, Phone Number, and Link back to your website.

A Gold Membership might be the best place for you to start your End Plans journey.

Reach your target customers and clients before they’ve experienced a loss and are better able to communicate what they really want in a monument. Plus, they’ll be able to save big money compared to talking directly with a funeral home after a loss has occurred.

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