What To Do When Death Occurs In A Nursing Home…

With an increase in age, death becomes inevitable at some point.

Whether the age be predictable, or a case that happens to occur completely oblivious to you, steps will need to be taken once death does occur.

This is especially important in nursing homes, where, unfortunately these incidents occur on a regular basis.

Knowing how to deal with the death, in terms of extracting the body and organizing a funeral, will make the process a little bit more easy in dealing with, making it a smoother transition.

Taking Care Of The Body

This will be the most stressful part of the process, and if you know the person who has passed away, also the most emotional.

You should push off these emotions, however, at least for the time being, as these bodies have to be dealt with as quick as possible, in accordance to state and federal law. Usually, you will be informed of the death, via the telephone number listed.

This is, of course, if you are the primary phone number listed. If you are informed of the death, you will have to act quickly, before their are any issues with the care facility.

Immediately, after you receive the call, you should organize the body to be taken care, extracted through a funeral home service that will remove the body.

There are several funeral homes that are applicable, however the closest may be the best option, as chances are they will get in the quickest time.

Issuing A Death Certificate

Once the body has been professionally taken care of, in terms of extracting it with the utmost care, a death certificate is now warranted to complete.

The staff at the nursing home will aid in this, offering their opinions and time of when they found the body, however they can’t complete the death certificate.

A funeral director, who manages the removal of the body, is also the only one certified to issue a death certificate.

Usually, the death certificate is completed in accordance with the body being removed, however there have been times where the body and certificate have either been completed at the same time, or the certificate is completed after the body has been removed from the facility.

After the body has been removed, and the certificate is completed, plans can be made to hold a funeral service.