Why Buy a Monument?

Buying a monument can be challenging. But it must be done. You may be wondering why you should buy a monument. Or maybe if you should purchase one from a monument builder or someone else. You might even be considering what type of headstone marker that you should get. If you want to know why you should buy a monument as soon as possible, read on. We will tell you exactly why, here.

Save Money and Time Later

When you purchase your own headstone marker now (or any kind of monument) you can save lots of money, later. Prices for headstones will no doubt raise in the coming years. By paying for one in today’s dollars, you can save yourself quite a bit when you need to pay for your funeral. You can also save your loved ones grief and some very hard decisions after your passing. Give them the time to grieve that they need, instead of expecting them to meet with a monument builder and take care of your final arrangements.

Things to Consider

Before you talk with a monument builder or head to a monument showroom, there are some things you want to consider. Here is a short list:

  • The rules and regulations of the cemetery where you plan to purchase your grave plot;
  • Your overall budget for the marker;
  • What sort of marker you would like;
  • What material you would like for it to be in;
  • Your inscription or inscriptions;
  • Will anyone else be buried with you? If so, who? Think of this when choosing the marker and inscription;
  • Do you want input on your family about what sort of headstone marker or marker you choose?

Who to Buy From?

There are quite a few options when it comes to who to purchase a tombstone from. This includes the funeral home, the cemetery itself, a local monument builder, or a showroom in your local area. You should know that it is your right to purchase from whoever you would like. No cemetery or funeral home can tell you that you or your family must buy from them. We recommend that you choose somewhere that specializes in monuments and monuments, only. And try to purchase a headstone from someone who is very close to you, geographically.

What to Ask the Cemetery

Here are some questions you should ask the cemetery before buying a plot there, or settling upon what sort of headstone marker or marker to purchase:

  • Do you allow monuments? If so, are there any restrictions?
  • Is there a certain section where monuments are or are not allowed?
  • Are there any size restrictions? What about height restrictions?
  • Does it cost extra to place a monument on the grave?
  • How large of a plot must be purchased before you can install a monument?
  • Where can I buy my monument from? (If they say only them, then you probably need to find a new cemetery.)

Talking to the Monument Retailer

Talking to a monument builder or showroom owner can also be tricky. Here are some things you can ask yourself (and them) before purchasing a headstone marker from them:

  • Is this business local? (They should be.)
  • Do they only sell monuments? (This should be yes, too.)
  • Are they willing to work with you to make your vision come true?
  • Will they work with you well before you actually need a monument for any reason?
  • If you are being cremated and not buried, do they still offer monuments that you can use are your grave site?

Choosing Your Legacy Now

One of the most popular reason for contacting a monument builder in advance about your marker or headstone marker is because you can decide your legacy, now. Think about what you want for your relatives to think about you for years to come. Then, use that as a way to guide your purchase. You might even want to consult with your relatives or significant other, now, so that you can be sure that you all agree on your monument choice. Remember that you will only have to buy a monument once, and it will be around generations to come.

No Question about Your Final Wishes

Not only does purchasing your headstone marker now allow you to choose your legacy, but it also leaves no question about your final wishes. Choose the marker that you love the best. Or the one that you can afford. In this way, there will be no question about what you wanted to mark your grave. Even if you are not sure about what the options are, contact a local monument builder. They can help you to design a final monument that is fitting for your grave. They can also help you to make your marker completely your own and totally unique to you.

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