Below is a short guide for your pre planned funeral.

Death is a thing that few of us want to think about.

We live our lives, trying to be ignorant that there are only two certainties in life, birth and death. Yet life doesn’t let us get away with just that.

With every death there is some kind of funeral, usually a public event to commemorate the loss of an individual.

A funeral requires a great deal of preparation, and it is very important that you let everyone know what your wishes are.

Because death is a topic few people like to discuss, the deceased wishes are sometimes unknown at the time of the ceremony.

Don’t let this happen to you. Now is the time to pre-plan your funeral.

Whether your 81 or 18, take the time to write out what you want your funeral to be like. From cremation to burial, types of services to even the flowers on display, there are an incredible number of details to be worked out.

The following pre planned funeral guide will help you through the process.

Taking a Look at What You May Have Already Planned

For many people, there are already plans in the works.

Have you made past funeral plans? Take a look through your documents.

If you do stumble on an earlier plan, be sure to occasionally update it as your own interests and views change. In addition, many people work out a plan with their spouse.

If your funeral preference changes from your spouse as you age, then you will have to come to some kind of agreement.

Finally, some people already have a family plot to which they belong.

Though having a family plot removes many of the challenges associated with planning your own funeral, be sure that a family plot is what you really want.

Pre Planned Funeral Guide

Cremation or Burial

If you are free to decide what you want for your funeral, then the biggest decision is cremation verses burial.

For many, burial is tied to religious devotion and a firm understanding in an afterlife.

Such religious rules dictate either cremation or burial. In addition, many people feel as they develop a sense of spirituality, that their choice for cremation or burial changes.

Regardless of your choice, think hard about it. Each has their own benefits and disadvantages.


Cremation is generally considered less expensive than a burial.

This is because many people who are cremated have their remains spread instead of being buried in a location. This saves on burial costs. However, not having a definitive grave makes it difficult for some people who are morning the dead.


Burial on the other hand is more traditional in the United States, and often incurs numerous expenses.

Purchasing the space for the grave is one cost that has to be considered. In addition, the gravestone will also cost money, as well as any additional detailing work.

All of this has to be taken into consideration when reviewing the practicality of a burial.

Settling on a Location

Our lives are defined in part by the spaces we inhabit.

Whether the spaces are shared by friends, family, or alone, choosing the right location for you is crucial for having peace of mind.

For people wanting their ashes to be spread, this means having your family or friends agree to spread your ashes where you wish.

For burial, this means finding a cemetery in a place that appeals to you.

Take stock of what truly matters, and try to find a location that reflects your own personal interest. In addition, visit the location.

Take time out to see what it is like. Tour the cemetery during special events and on average days to see how well it is taken care of.

The Ceremony

Once the burial type and location are chosen, the last thing to do is to plan the ceremony.

Each and every one of us have an idea of what we would want our funeral to be like, and we have the right to decide.

Create List of Guests

Creating a guest list is central to planning a funeral.

As funerals are seen as a way to come to terms with a death and grieve, it is important to invite all those who would be affected by your death.

Give them the opportunity to say good-bye to you as you both move on.

Choose Someone You Know Will Carry Out Your Wishes

Having the right person carry out your funeral wishes can make all the difference in the world.

Choose someone you know will carry on the spirit of your request.

Finalize the Look and Feel

The last thing to do is to settle on the details.

This includes what the burial ceremony will be like as well as every other part of the funeral.

From flower arrangements to food, spell out your plans.

Though planning ones funeral can be sad, it is also a great way to reflect on life and the possibility it offers.

As you make your funeral arrangements, take time to be true to what you want, and make it a reality.